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Nochlezhka opened a new online store


Nochlezhka updated its online souvenir store: it became more convenient and functional. The Internet company InSales provides development and technical support of the new store on a volunteer basis. InSales is the largest Russian creator of online store platforms.

In order to prepare for the launch of the new online store, Nochlezhka updated its collection of charity souvenirs. The selection now features chameleon mugs that change colors based on the temperature of the beverage inside.
Nochlezhka store sells T-shirts, bags, mugs, magnets, and bookmarks. St Petersburg and Leningrad avangardist poets Daniil Harms, Nikolay Oleynikov, and Alexander Vvedensky provided the main inspiration for the line of souvenirs. Each item features a quote from a poem by one of them and a funny illustration to go with it. The mugs, bags, T-shirts, and magnets were designed by the Minin and Pozharsky design-studio. All proceedings from the sales go to support the operations of the biggest shelter for the homeless in the city. The shelter is located at Borovaya street, 112B.

All Nochlezhka souvenirs are available for purchase at the online store. The items can be picked up at Borovaya, 112B, or delivered by courier in the city limits. They can also be mailed to anywhere in the world. 

“We are happy to help Nochlezhka attract the people’s attention to the problems of the homeless people not only in the offline, but also in the online space. We see that the guys from Nochlezhka are really helping the homeless people and solving the problems of people who are lost” - says Artem Sokolov, the marketing director of InSales. 
“Nowadays, charity organizations need a competitive Internet service to attract funds. Volunteer help from InSales allows us to save a considerable amount of money and get a professionally-developed website. The new online store that is beautiful and comfortable will let us sell more souvenirs, and, thus, get more money for the operations of our shelter.” - says Grigorii Sverdlin, Nochlezhka director.

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