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The second NochlezhkaFest collected 922 647 roubles


On the 2nd of November charitable musical festival NochlezhkaFest in support of homeless people took place in St. Petersburg. Totally 1017 tickets were sold. 

At the festival the audience donated 35 002 roubles for the organization work by purchasing promotional gifts and leaving money in change collection boxes.

Donations and amounts received from tickets sale will be enough to maintain work of homeless shelter at 112B, Borovaya St. during three months. Within this period of time about 90 people will live there, social and legal experts of Nochlezhka will consult more than 600 people who will be able to get back to normalcy. This is the biggest shelter in the city and the only one which accepts people without documents. It is designed for 12 women and 40 men places. 

Boris Grebenshikov and musicians of Aquarium band, Zhenya Lyubich, bands Zorge and Nogu Svelo performed at the festival. Decorations for the event were traditionally created by Mitki (an art group in St. Petersburg) Dmitriy Shagin, Nikolay Vasilyev and Andrey Kuzmin.

“Thank you for support of homeless people. In this life all of us are homeless, someone more, someone less,” – Boris Grebenshikov addressed the audience. According to Aquarium frontman “one should grow inwardly” to feel willing to help other people.

Maxim Pokrovskiy, Nogu Svelo frontman, explains reasons of participation in Nochlezhka festival: “What is better: to help or not to help, to do or not to do? It’s better do something.”

“The least thing we can do is to help people in need by doing our own work. Doing habitual things professionally, we may bring our audience to the charitable concert and save someone’s life”- Evgeniy Fedorov, Zorge frontman noticed.

“We are very much grateful to all people whose help let the festival take place: musicians who didn’t take any payment for the performance, artists who created the decorations pro bono, the club team who provided the venue free of cost. Thanks to sponsoring participants of the festival, our volunteers and employees. Owing to all these people the homeless shelter is continuing its work. And this evidences the fact that our society is ready to help people who got into harm,”– director of St. Petersburg Charity Social Organization Nochlezhka Grigory Sverdlin says. 

For our inmates Shelter at Borovaya, 112 B   is not only roof over their heads and hot meals every day. During living there lawyers and social workers of Nochlezhka help to get documents reissued, settle in a medical or social institution for permanent stay, find a job and home. Psychological aid to lodgers of the shelter provided by volunteer psychologists is also one of ways to get back to normalcy.  

Nochlezhka thanks cordially all musicians, the club, guests and volunteers of the festival! Special thanks to partners of NochlezhkFest who are “Institute Strojproect” JSC, “Storck” Ltd., the “Spasibo” charity shop, “LAT” Ltd., the “Friends” hostel chain, advertising agency “Great”, hotel “Happy Pushkin” and restaurant “Crocodile” this year.

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