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“Mitki” create scenery for the second NochlezhkaFest


Mitki” - Dmitri Shagin, Nikolay Vasilyev, and Andrey Kuzmin display their creativecontribution at the charitable music festival, NochlezhkaFest, in support of the homelesscommunity. The artists created the decorations, hung around the stage at the club, A2, onNovember 2.

These artists traditionally make the decorations for the charitable festival, NochlezhkaFest: last year, they used spray-paint to portray a homeless man and Mitek meeting, with the Peter and Paul Fortress visible in the background.

“The longtime friendship with artists and musicians means a lot for NochlezhkaFest: thanks to the participation of famous people, we will once again be able to attract society’s attention to the issues and needs of people without a place to live,” says Grigori Sverdlin, director of Saint Petersburg’s charitable organization Nochlezhka.

On November 2nd at the club, A2, will be held the second annual charitable music festival NochlezhkaFest. This year, the organization’s friends provide the music to Nochlezhka: Boris Grebenschikov, Zhenya Lyubich, and the groups Zorge and “Nogu Svelo!”.

All funds raised by ticket sales will go to work at the city’s largest
homeless shelter.With the help of lawyers and social work organizations, people living in the Nochlezhka's shelter are able to solve their problems, and big part of them return to normal life.

In 2012, two hundred twenty-one people lived in the shelter.Purchasing tickets, you are not paying the music club, you are paying the living expensesof the homeless at the “Flophouse” shelter at 112 B Borovaya.

Last year, the first NochlezhkaFest was held, and it raised more than 650,000 rubles.These funds were enough for the shelter to function for two months.

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