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Lovers will help the homeless survive the winter


The center of loving couples registration LoveMe will help homeless people of Saint-Petersburg to survive the winter: before the beginning of the spring 100 roubles from each registration of loving couple will be sent to the heating post. So your love could offer warmth and a chance to come back to normal life for those who have no home.

In LoveMe center every couple could romantically witness their love. These can be couples, which married already and loving couples, which are not ready for official wedding.

A specialistof the LoveMe center makes registration in most beautiful places of historical center of Saint-Petersburg. After ceremony and greetings loving couple gets a certificate that witnesses, that they officially are a loving couple registered in Saint-Petersburg. The specialists of LoveMe also organize other details of celebration: photo session, fruits and decorative bouquets and table in restaurant.

Loving couples from other cities and foreign couples can order registration of their love as well: the certificate will be sent via mail and translated into foreign languages if nessesary.

The Heating center is seasonal project of “Nochlejka”, which is designated to help to homeless people to survive the cold season. This is a big heated tent for 60 people, which helps to survive winter and to preserve life and health for homeless people. From the first cold days and until warm days will come each person in need will get there safe and warm lodging for the night, hot supper and breakfast, warm and clean clothes, medical help (medical assistant is coming twice a week), consulting and help of social specialist (social escort to state offices, document restoration, getting of free medical help on Obligatory Medical Insurance).

Each winter hundreds of people living in the streets lose their lives and become disabled because of exposure and illness that exposure provokes.

According only to official data, in period between November 2011 and March 2012 1002 homeless persons died in Saint-Petersburg. And hundreds of people became disabled owing to the amputations. 70 000 of homeless people are living in the streets of Saint-Petersburg and every person from them is in risk group during the cold season.

Now “Nochlejka” has money for the work of heating post only till the end of December. The lodging of one person costs 74 roubles for “Nochlejka”. And one night of warm tent working costs 4422 roubles. Now it is nessesary to get 397 932 roubles for the working of warm tent from January till the end of March. Everybody can help homeless people donating even small sum.

You can also support heating post here. 

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