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«Life under the open sky»: A second series of posters about the homeless appeared in Saint-Petersburg


    As in the first series of posters, homeless Petersburgers are portrayed in the famous historical places of the city, where the grand Saint-Petersburg is contrasted with other Saint-Petersburg, indifferent to its residents, where life can be so difficult.
   Gregory Sverdlin, the director of SPbBOO «Nochlejka» about the project: «The idea of ​​the project remained the same. It is very important to remember that the only thing that distinguishes us from the homeless people is the absence of a roof over a head. Help such people is the main task of the whole society, except us no one will do it. Unfortunately, nowadays no one can feel secured against the loss of housing. And it is almost impossible to “get out” of the street only by yourself. It is very important to remember this now, at the beginning of the cold weather. It is almost impossible to survive the winter without public support»
   Photographer - Yuri Molodkovets;
   Idea and copyright - Ivan Kvasov;
   Design - Alexander Ishukov and Maxim Minin;
   Residents of our Shelter acted as the models.
   "Nochlejka” sincerely thanks the advertising agency «Great» and personally Dmitry Makarov and Igor Gulin, Group "Advertising Center" and Eugene Dzhurinsky for their support and assistance in the project. Without them this project would not take place. 

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