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Today, at Frunze area, Nochlezhka opens a heating point for the homeless people


At 8 pm on December 3rd, Nochlezhka charity organization and the administration of Frunze area in collaboration with the committee on social policy of St. Petersburg are opening a heating point by the Obukhovo railroad station (by building 8 at Prospekt 9 Yanvarya). The heating tent will be available for the homeless people at 8 pm.

The heating point is a heated tent designed for up to 50 people where anyone in need can spend the night in warmth and safety, receive a free dinner and breakfast, get help from a medical volunteer and find out what organizations and state agencies can help solve social and legal issues.

This is the second heating point opened at St. Petersburg this winter. The first one was opened on Tuesday, December 1st, at Kalinisky area. Nochlezhka plans to open three heating points this winter.

According to the official data alone, 1194 people without permanent residence died in St. Petersburg in 2014. Based on the data from the previous years, approximately half of these people died in the winter. In addition to this, hundreds of people became disabled after amputations.

“Last year 361 people were able to spend the winter in the safety of our heating points. We are deeply grateful to everyone who supported the work of these tents. This year, as always, we count on the help of our fellow St. Petersburg residents, since Nochlezhka now only has funds till the end of January. Each donated ruble is important, given that the cost of providing shelter to one person for one night is only 186 rubles. You can find more about different ways to donate money for the heating tents at our website,” – says Grigoriy Sverdlin, the head of Nochlezhka.

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