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On 20 July Nochlezhka will hold a workshop on helping the homeless restore their papers


Thursday, 20 July, 11:00-13:00
A workshop titled ‘Restoring the main papers of a Russian citizen’
will be held at 87, Ligovsky pr., Andreevsky Business Centre, 3rd floor

On 20 July Nochlezhka will hold a workshop on restoring the main papers for Russian citizens, particularities of the legislation and practical nuances of the issue. It will be presented by Nochlezhka’s social workers, Pavel Lyaks and Roman Shirshov.

The workshop is organised for people working for NGOs and state institutions which help homeless people.

The presenters will cover all stages of the procedure for recovering lost papers: passports, mandatory medical insurance, individual taxpayer’s number, personal pension account number and military records. Nochlezhka’s experts will also share their experience in resolving a few tricky cases.

‘Unfortunately, it is rather difficult and costly to restore lost papers in our country. They are often ‘tied’ to the place of registered permanent residence which homeless people don’t have. Very often they are unable to restore their papers and it becomes a serious problem which stops them from returning to stable lives. People lose their papers on the street really quickly, they simply have nowhere to store their belongings or papers’, says Roman Shirshov, Nochlezhka’s social worker.

This workshop is part of Nozhlehka’s Sharing Expertise Project.

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