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On 11 November Nochlezhka will run a coffee campaign


Nochlezhka would like to invite people living in St. Petersburg to have a cup of coffee on 11 November to the benefit of homeless people: next Saturday 133 establishments of the city will take part in our Espresso Aid campaign. These will include cafes, coffee-shops, bars, restaurants and even coffee machines all around the city. You can choose the place that suits you best on the map with all locations.

On the day of the campaign 24 professionals from various fields will also be working to the benefit of Nochlezhka: psychologists, SMM and PR experts, a designer, a genealogist, photographers, lawyers, a stylist, an English teacher and a social entrepreneur… You will be able to find them in the cafes and restaurants selling coffee for Nochlezhka. The consultation fee varies from 300 to 2,000 roubles + a cup of coffee for the professional, and this money will also go towards Nochlezhka. You can see the full list of professionals and book an appointment with them in the campaign page on VK.

All proceeds from the campaign will be donated to Nochlezhka towards the shelter for the homeless at 112B, Borovaya Street. In 2016 it had 185 residents who were going through a rehabilitation programme there and with the help of social workers, lawyers and psychologists managed to get off the streets. Accommodating one homeless person in the shelter for a day costs Nochlezhka as little as 393 roubles, an average price of two cups of coffee in St. Petersburg.

‘We are trying to make helping homeless people easy and make charity a part of our everyday life, so that one could be charitable even when having a cup of coffee in one’s favourite café. The previous eight Espresso Aid campaigns raised a total of 1,205,635 roubles (€17,350). This money was enough to help 152 people get off the streets with the help of our social workers, lawyers and psychologists’, says Grigory Sverdlin, the president of the charity.

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