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Do what you like and help Nochlezhka


Twice a year


All earnings go to help the homeless


Cafes and bars in Saint-Petersburg and Moscow

Drink coffee in your favourite places, attend interesting events, arrange house parties with friends - and help the homeless! All earnings will go to provide the work of the Counselling service office in Saint-Petersburg and Moscow.Counseling Service employees help people on the verge of homelessness to keep off the streets, as for those who are already in trouble employees help cope with the problems that brought them to the street. Unlike state services, we do not look whether a person has residence registration or not and what his citizenship is. We help everyone we can help.

How does Espress-help work?

You can participate from anywhere around the world where Internet is available. On the event map anyone can register their activity earnings from which will go to help Nochlezhka. It can be a party, show, homemade candy distribution, field trip, master class, lecture, yoga workout, or something else. Site visitor can choose an activity to his liking or use convenient instructions to create his own. For those who registered, the coordinator sends a letter with a poster and a layout of a decorated box for donations which can be printed on cardboard. Nochlezhka managed to collect 4 368 397 rubles for the past 14 actions of "Espress-help". 350 cafes and restaurants took part in the event. 400 people eventually got off the streets with this support.

We thank

We are grateful to all enterprises that took part in the event. You made coffee, poured beer, baked pies, sold desserts, and poured tea to help the homeless. Thanks to every professional who shared their knowledge that day - lectures, master classes, open lessons, sports activities. And most importantly, thanks to each of you: You organized your parties. You drank coffee, ate, walked, studied and rocked to help Nochlezhka. You shared information about our event on social networks every day. Special thanks to our volunteer space team! Nochlezhka helps those on the street every day thanks to you.

Как помочь

Одна из важнейших задач Ночлежки — изменение отношения к бездомным. Мы проводим концерты и акции привлекая внимание к рассказывая о проблеме. 

Нам требуется и ваша помощь.

Деньги необходимы на аренду помещений и площадей, аренду оборудования, печать материалов и многое другое

Other activities

Nochlezhka shows to the city the "Homeless houses"

One-day action in St. Petersburg in honor of the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty

Vision test

First of all it is important to see a person who is in trouble in every homeless. This is the only way to help particular people and only through this it is possible to fight homelessness in general

You are not alone

Nochlezhka summons citizens to help to homeless people

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