City-Zoom in-People

A series of master classes with leading photographers from St. Petersburg, Moscow and Hamburg

City-Zoom in-People

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    from July 2021

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    Free of charge

Together with Canon and Diakonie Hamburg, we have organized a series of master classes with leading photographers from St. Petersburg and Moscow, Yuri Molodkovets and Pavel Volkov. In the sister city Hamburg Diakonia did the same with the photographer Mauricio Bustamante.

During these meetings homeless people, Nochlezhka’s clients and Diakonias clients, have learned to take photos, see the composition, catch light and the beauty of the moment. Photography is creativity, and everyone can be creative to express themselves, tell about their pain or joy, share a shot that tells a story.

A person who finds themselves on the street is constantly moving around the city, and it‘s a totally different city than the city seen by people who have a place to come back to. We have invited the participants of the project to take their cameras and look at the city not as a dangerous, hostile and cold environment, but as a place that can bring inspiration and joy.

To see something behind the everyday routine and survival, something that they would consider beautiful. We wanted people to be able to feel and express their creative power by observing the details of the urban environment. All the time, our clients were accompanied by official Hermitage photographer Yuri Molodkovets and Canon ambassador Pavel Volkov.

They have told participants about the basic principles of photography, analyzed the works and gave advice. In Hamburg, the participants were working together with photographer Mauricio Bustamante. The Canon company has provided free equipment for taking and printing photos, the project idea was developed with the help of the Creative group Luch.

We have collected the best works and comments of the project participants in both cities. These are works about the city and people in it, about a difficult relationship, which we have tried to comprehend together through photography.


Luch creative group, Canon, Diakonie Hamburg, Yury Molodkovec and Pavel Volkov for their support and their willingness to talk about the problem of homelessness.
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