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Life on the streets

Yuri Molodkovets photos show how bright and ceremonial image of St. Petersburg is contrasted with cold and hard life side of the city


Summer 2012 Daily 09am - 11pm


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On July 3, 2012, posters "Life on the streets" appeared outside in St. Petersburg, it’s a new Nochlezhka’s social ad.

Homeless citizens of St. Petersburg are captured in the city’s historical places, bright and ceremonial image of St. Petersburg is contrasted with cold and hard life side of the city.

Grigory Sverdlin, Nochlezhka’s manager, on the project: “Our social ad idea is simple: homeless are not of the different kind of species than us. They are people as everyone else. We live in the same city, walk the same streets, breathe the same air. Only one difference - absence of home.

Unfortunately, today no one is safe against the loss of housing. It is almost impossible to get out of the street on your own. Helping such people is a task for the whole society, cause’ there are no one to help them but us”.

We thank

Nochlezhka is sincerely grateful to the Great advertising group and the Reklama-Center company for their support and assistance in the project’s implementation. “Life on the streets” project took first place in "Outdoor advertising" nomination at the international social advertising festival "P.O.R.A." held in Omsk. We would like to thank Yuri Molodkovets, the official photographer of The State Hermitage, Ivan Kvasov - project’s ideological inspirer, and project’s designers Alexander Ishukov and Maxim Minin.

Как помочь

Одна из важнейших задач Ночлежки — изменение отношения к бездомным. Мы проводим концерты и акции привлекая внимание к рассказывая о проблеме. 

Нам требуется и ваша помощь.

Деньги необходимы на аренду помещений и площадей, аренду оборудования, печать материалов и многое другое

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