You are not alone

Nochlezhka summons citizens to help to homeless people

You are not alone

Ты не один
  • When

    from April 2020

  • Price

    Free of charge

“You are not alone” is a charitable initiative that can be supported by any person in any city. Nochlezhka encourages citizens to put together care packages with essential products and to leave them at bus stations, on fences, and on benches not far from their houses; in other words, in such places where homeless people can pick up these packages. On the 6th of April, employees of Nochlezhka left 120 packages on the streets of Moscow and Saint Petersburg (60 in each city). Inside the package a homeless person found:

• tea
• a small pack of cookies or sweets
• instant noodles or instant mashed potato • canned fish or meat
• wet antibacterial wipes
• a toothbrush and toothpaste
• socks
• a soap
• sanitizer

 “Similar campaigns are now run all over the world. We were inspired by the experience of Germany and Kazakhstan and decided to encourage everyone to help homeless people. If during normal times, those who ended up on the street could ask for food in cafes and restaurants, come to charity canteens and receive free distribution of food and sanitary items, now they do not have such an opportunity. Everyone needs food every day; and having the opportunity to wash one’s hands with soap is now more important than ever. Therefore, we hope that the initiative will catch on with people across the whole country, and they will help those who are now on the streets. We request that everyone who wants to join does not violate the quarantine rules specially for the purposes of the campaign, but buys and leaves the care packages for the homeless only when leaving home for a reasonable excuse”, says Darya Baybakova, a director of the Moscow branch of Nochlezhka.


Staff of the charity organisation Nochlezhka handed out food and hygienic packages to homeless people in Moscow and Saint Petersburg. Nochlezhka’s example encourages people across the whole country to support everyone who has ended up on the street.
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