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Homeless people ask everybody to stay home


from April 2020


Free of charge


Moscow and Saint Petersburg

Billboards show residents of the Rehabilitation Center of Nochlezhka. Up until recently, it would have been difficult to call life in a homeless shelter comfortable, but now all of these people have at least a temporary home. But tens of thousands of people across the country do not have an opportunity to find refuge and to wait in the quarantine area for the danger to pass.

We made this public service announcement to show that homelessness is always horrible. It leaves a person defenceless against cold, hunger, diseases and violence. This is why it is more important than ever to remember those who live on the street and to take care of them. “Service users of Nochlezhka would be happy to perform the instructions of the authorities, follow popular hashtags, ‘like’ videos featuring Gudok and watch united Russian television. But there is a problem – a person who already lives in isolation cannot self-isolate,” says Alexander Syomin, the author of this media campaign. Thanks to Alexander and the team of The Clients design studio for the idea and its blazing fast implementation.

We thank

Concept and design of the campaign was developed by Alexander Syomin and The Clients design studio, free of charge. The #stayhome campaign was run free of charge in the media of Reklama-Center agency, Poster and magazine.

Как помочь

Одна из важнейших задач Ночлежки — изменение отношения к бездомным. Мы проводим концерты и акции привлекая внимание к рассказывая о проблеме. 

Нам требуется и ваша помощь.

Деньги необходимы на аренду помещений и площадей, аренду оборудования, печать материалов и многое другое

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