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Home is not for everyone in St. Petersburg

Because over 60,000 people live on the streets




Free of charge



Home is available not for everyone in St. Petersburg. Because over 60,000 people live on the street.

Nochlezhka’s social ad created for free by its friends from the Great advertising group. It is difficult to survive outside on the streets regardless of the time of year: hunger, inability to wash and get a job without papers, uncertainty and the endless search for a safe place to sleep.

Nochlezhka helps people get back to their normal life all year round. We are a charitable non-profit organization and we always need help.

That’s why on posters in the city you will see an appeal to send an SMS to 3443 with the word "ночлег" ("night’s stay" in English) - each SMS is a 100 rubles donation for the work of our projects.

We thank

Nochlezhka is grateful to its friends - the Great advertising group for developing an ad campaign “Home is not for everyone in St. Petersburg” pro bono.

Как помочь

Одна из важнейших задач Ночлежки — изменение отношения к бездомным. Мы проводим концерты и акции привлекая внимание к рассказывая о проблеме. 

Нам требуется и ваша помощь.

Деньги необходимы на аренду помещений и площадей, аренду оборудования, печать материалов и многое другое

Other activities

Nochlezhka shows to the city the "Homeless houses"

One-day action in St. Petersburg in honor of the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty

Vision test

First of all it is important to see a person who is in trouble in every homeless. This is the only way to help particular people and only through this it is possible to fight homelessness in general

You are not alone

Nochlezhka summons citizens to help to homeless people

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