The public organizations supporting homeless people

Maltese support services St. Petersburg


The advisory and monitoring center for refugees and persons who are looking for a shelter, the St. Petersburg office of the Red Cross


Salvation army in St. Petersburg


Sacred Dimitrii Solunskogo's fund


Food instead of bombs

Catholic charitable center "Karitas Saint-Petersburg"

St.Petersburg OBO "Pokrovsk community"

Provides accommodation for homeless disabled people during paperwork process


Anti-discrimination center "Memorial"


Information center of free legal support for socially unprotected citizens


The public institutions supporting homeless persons with no fixed abode


The complex centers of social service for the townspeople of St. Petersburg (in areas)

Assist the persons which had registration in St. Petersburg


Accounting city point of the citizens of the Russian Federation with no fixed abode


St. Petersburg houses of the night staying


The accounting of persons with no fixed abode statement order on in St. Petersburg


The Commissioner of Human Rights in St. Petersburg


The Commissioner of Human Rights in Leningrad area