Dear friends, there is no way we could list everyone who has helped Nochlezhka over the 22 years of its existence. Therefore here is a list of people and companies, who we are grateful to for their help over the last couple of years:


- People of St. Petersburg

- Diakonia of Hamburg

- Diakonia of Stuttgart (Brot für die Welt)  

- Secour Populaire Francais

- Nochlezhka Suisse Solidaire

- European Commission

- CAF Russia

- Caritas France

- The Government of St. Petersburg and the Committee on Social Policy

- Healthcare committee of St. Petersburg

- Administration of Frunzensky district of St. Petersburg

- Administration of Vasilievsky district of St. Petersburg

- Administration of Primorsky district of St. Petersburg

- The General Consulate of the Netherlands (MATRA project)

- The General Consulate of France in St. Petersburg

- The General Consulate of Italy in St. Petersburg

- The General Consulate of Lithuania in St. Petersburg

- Eparchy of St. Petersburg and Ladoga

- Orthodox Ecclesiastical Academy

- the congregation of the Church of the Icon of Christ of Edessa

- Armenian community of St. Petersburg

- Charitable second-hand shop “Spasibo!”

- Congregation of Pokrov

- Shelter of the Missionaries of Charity

- The Konevitsa Monastery of Nativity of the Holy Lady

- Charitable canteen «Caritas»

- Malteser help centre

- out-patient hospital no.19

- OAO  “Chelyabinsk metallurgical complex”

- OOO “Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Rus”

- OAO “Russian Railways”, energy supply section of Murmansk

- OAO “Khlebny Dom”

- OAO “Lenenergo” 

- ZAO “Unisensor”

- ZAO “Leader”


- ZAO “PSKB”  

- Jane Crunch & The Intrepid Travel Foundation

- ACER Russie  
- “
OOO “Sodekso Euroasia”  
- PWC Company
- “Grand Hotel Europe”
- “Astoria”
Pulkovskaya and Pribaltijskaya hotels (Park Inn)  
Express print-shop “Tsiferblat”   
- “Tort vashej mechty” (“Cake of your dream”)
ZAO “Institut “Stroy-proekt” 
“Blonder Beer” Brewery  
“Botanika” cafe   
- Mikhail Shemyakin’s fund
Online-Shar online shop

- Advertising agency “Great”

- “Nevskoe Vremya” newspaper

- “Comik-Trest” theatre

- “STORK” Company

- OOO “Orimi-Trade”

- “LAT” Company

- “Turboline” Company – “Art Liga” gallery  

- “NGO School”  

- Danish Business Club (Moscow)

- “Etazhi” loft-project

- “Nevsky Palace”  

- “W-hotel”

- “Emborg”

- Development of Human Potential Charitable fund “Gagarin’s Fund” 

- International Women’s Club

- International Rotary Club

- Tour agencies chain “Alfa”  


- “Rofl” Company

- «Hyundai Motor Company»

- Armenian Apostolic church of St. Petersburg

- “Rolf Oktyabrskaya”

- “ComTrans” Company

- Hostel-chain “Druzja”

- Select Deluxe Model Management  

- Initiative group “Who else if not we”

- Yevgenia Selizova’s LiveJournal comminty

- Bilet Domoy LiveJournal community

- “Mango” dance studio