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Vlada Misyuryova


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Vlada on working for Nochlezhka

- What are you by trade?
I had studied journalism at St. Petersburg State University. While I was still studying I started working for the Kommersant newspaper, writing about public transport.

- How and why did you start working for Nochlezhka? 

At some point, when I was still working for the newspaper, I realised that journalism did not provide a feeling that I was making a difference. So in November 2011 I joined Nochlezhka as a volunteer, I helped them organise the New Year present collection. It was then that I saw how many kind people there are who are happy to help people in need, whatever their own financial situation. In October 2013 I left the Kommersant newspaper in order to fully dedicate myself to helping people. The main difference between working for Nochlezhka and working for the newspaper is that here I can see real results of my work and I know that the world around is changing, partly thanks to my efforts. 

- Why do you keep working for Nochlezhka? 

I keep working here because I can see that what I do makes someone else’s life at least a little bit better. Because I can feel that this work makes me better. Because now I am aware of many reasons, which are out of our control, which can lead to homelessness. Because talking to homeless people makes me kinder and more tolerant to others. Because I can see how sincere and kind my colleagues are.

- What do you do in your free time?

I try to see my friends and family more, I like reading good books, cycling, swimming, painting and discovering new places.

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